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Specialty Profession Leather release paper complex process, involving multiple product areas of expertise, including polymers, polymer chemistry, paper craft and finishing processes. Karen release paper invested hundreds of millions of money, after four years of early development, and the use of a large number of online experiments, mastered the core technology with independent intellectual property rights, becoming the first truly Chinese successfully applied to PU release paper, water-based PU leather and synthetic leather production and other areas of the product in all aspects of the indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, the company also developed and introduced advanced production equipment and QCS, DCS distributed control system to ensure good and stable product quality, is to fill the vacancy and synthetic leather industry chain, to replace imported high-tech products. Innovation Revelation Karen release paper release paper pattern of traditional improved sense of lack of dermal defects, product lines and delicate, gloss natural. And the company for the current domestic garment leather "dry stick" production processes "bridging reaction" is the traditional release paper surface temperature does not lead to a decline of release paper life phenomenon was modified, a new product (2-pack special leave type paper) greatly increased the release paper in "dry paste" production life, while ensuring product quality and reduces the customer's cost of production. Press close to Close Karen release paper and compared with similar foreign companies closer to customers, whether in the development of new products or services in all aspects of aftermarket products more quickly and efficiently. Unique rapid pattern Customized services allow you to take the initiative in the increasingly fierce market competition.
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